The shortage of raw materials caused by World War II forced the U.S. civilian industry to seek alternatives. After the war, American industrialists discovered with astonishment that the new materials were cheaper and better than the originals.

The Value Analysis was then created to replace the war in the quest for rationalization. Later used by countries such as Germany and France, it was also one of the levers of the Japanese post-war economic miracle. In this book, Value Analysis transcends the boundaries of producer/consumer relationship to consider the needs of employees and society.

The Holistic Value Analysis combines quality, productivity, safety, environmental protection and human development, and is presented as a decisive factor for success and survival of organizations. The author builds on new concepts on Value Analysis, introduces new techniques and innovatively integrates Value and Risk Analysis.
"The book by engineer Cardella contributes new concepts on Value Analysis of great value to our society."
(Marcos A. Buzzato - President of the Brazilian Association of Value Engineering and Value Analysis ? ABEAV).

Benedito Cardella worked for Petrobras in Brazil as chemical, process and safety engineer, where he used Value Analysis to develop a holistic management system, integrating health, safety, quality, productivity, environmental protection and human development. He presented this holistic approach in the book Segurança no Trabalho e Prevenção de Acidentes ? Uma Abordagem Holística (Safety at Work and Accident Prevention ? A Holistic Approach). Currently, he is working as a consultant on risk assessment in the Middle East, where presented the paper ? Value Engineering focused on HSE ? The Application of Value Engineering on HSE Management; the 4th International Health, Safety, Environment and Loss Prevention, American Society of Safety Engineers, Kuwait, April 2007.


Recommended reading for administrators, engineers, technicians, constructors, environmentalists, hygienists, and anyone who wishes to improve productivity, quality, safety, health and environmental protection.


Value Analysis
A Holistic Approach
Benedito Cardella
Scortecci Editora
ISBN 978-85-366-2039-8
Formato 14 x 21 cm 
92 páginas
1ª edição - 2011
Preço: R$ 25,00

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