THE TRUE STORY OF LITTLE RED RIDING HOOD / Mariana Pacini Andreoli / Caroline Alves Aragão

After exploring the differences between fables and fairy tales, my student Mariana tells me that she is reading ‘The true story of Three Little Pigs’ and confesses: “I don’t like fairy tales”, at least not the way they have been told (or sold to!?) her so far. I knew that this incredible child loves storytelling, so I ask if she would like to write the true story of one of the characters we had just studied about. She promptly starts to draw a girl with a cap. “Is she the little red riding hood?”, I observe and think to myself. Thus, I start our work with WH-questions. Then, we work on food vocabulary and finally, we investigate how to write some verbs in the past. Perrault and The Brothers Grimm would have never pictured that the wolf would save the little red riding hood and the happily ever after would be a friendship proof celebrated with real food. Critical thinking, language studies, creativity, personal aims, empathy, problem-solving, ethics, and citizenship were the ingredients of this delicious journey.  This rich country of discoveries built by us is now proudly shared because our souls land in a foundation of respect and love called Education.
Caroline Alves Aragão

Mariana Pacini Andreoli was born in São Paulo and loves books. She has two dogs named Luna and Lola and they are very funny. Her favorite book is Agente Amelia and her favorite movie is Harry Potter.

Caroline Alves Aragão was born in Guarulhos and loves to create and hear stories. She also has two dogs named Tina and Emma. She is an English teacher and is passionate about her job. She loves the nature and thinks we all should take care of our Mother Nature.


The True Story of Little Red Riding Hood
Mariana Pacini Andreoli
Caroline Alves Aragão
Ilustrações: Mariana Pacini Andreoli
Scortecci Editora
Literatura Infantojuvenil
ISBN 978-85-366-6143-8
Formato 15 x 22 cm
20 páginas
1ª edição - 2020

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